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​​Dilara Esengil, Esq.




​Connecting and organizing people, businesses and ideas, marketing has always been second nature for Ms. Esengil. 

A Bay Area native, Ms. Esengil attended UC Berkeley where she studied Philosophy. Before attending law school, Ms. Esengil worked in law enforcement for nearly ten years. Naturally, Ms. Esengil launched her legal practice in criminal and civil litigation.  She later transformed her practice into a boutique firm in the entertainment industry, which included artist development and management, legal services and marketing efforts. Her first company, X Marketing, Inc. quickly grew into a nationwide branding and marketing launching pad to Ms. Esengil's career. During her fifteen years as CEO and Founder, her company celebrated the marketing of major, worldwide brands. Ms. Esengil’s clients have included most major food suppliers across America  as well as many of the brands available throughout retailers such as Costco and Whole Foods Markets. She has worked extensively with and has relationships in the legal (both criminal and civil) realm, including government and political campaigns. Ms. Esengil's portfolio includes strong network relationships in entertainment and professional sports organizations. Ms. Esengil is currently residing in California, where she spends a lot of her time in producing top quality results for her clients.

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