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Professional Services



Dilara Esengil is an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of California.

Her professional areas of consultation include legal, marketing, business strategy, corporate ventures and partnerships across most major industries. Her uniquely qualified experience as a former CEO, litigator and her work with numerous law enforcement agencies offers to clients a far-reaching stronghold of professionals with integrity.

Her current projects include: creation of a digital monster for a nationwide foodservice company; television and film content; music management and entertainment; professional sports management and branding; a game-changing global regenerative medicine endeavor; an innovative commercial modular construction project; and both national and international financial transactions. 

Ms. Esengil is also an artist, a writer, and a classically trained pianist.

In addition, Ms. Esengil contributes time to  the education of humanity in how to treat animals. She works closely with BunnyBunch.org, a rabbit rescue, and with various humanitarians in wild bird societies. Her goal is to build a foundation that will support and educate future veterinarians.

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